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Zyn Cool Mint

Find out the good and the bad about Zyn Cool Mint. Zyn is a brand owned by Swedish Match, a company established in Sweden in 1915. The company prides itself on creating discreet, white, tobacco-free pouches in a wide selection of flavours and strengths to help users stop using tobacco completely. They make sure their products do not stain the teeth and are convenient enough to use anywhere, anytime. The nicotine is the only part of the tobacco plant that the product contains – the other ingredients all meet food-quality standards. In 2008, the company came up with this product – soft, flavour-rich and 100% free of tobacco.

Zyn Cool Mint – Nicotine without tobacco

This product, Zyn Cool Mint, is very popular in the UK. People find it enjoyable as it imitates the taste of snus and is tobacco-less. Its tastes differ as per product – the most prominent taste is tobacco, along with clear notes of bergamot with green herbs. Its price ranges from £3.13 to £3.28. But Zyn is a nicotine product without tobacco. In this article we will review Zyn Cool Mint. It is a good nicotine pouch without tobacco. but is derived from Nicotiana tobacco. It is available in a can, where one will detect a simple aroma while opening it, and the taste resembles that aroma.

Zyn Cool Mint – nicotine with flavour

Zyn has similar other products, such as Zyn Citrus, Coffee, etc. But the Cool Mint flavour is the most refreshing. There is a tingling sensation at first, but then you will get what you are looking for in the product. You will find small powdery pouches, very sweet, really more like chewing gum than snus. You might say it’s better than vaping. 3 mg can have 20 pouches per can. If you are looking for nicotine and do not want the addiction of tobacco anymore, but still want some flavour, try Zyn Cool Mint. Coming in two different strengths, you can choose what makes you feel good.

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