One of the first things to consider with a snus or pouch product is the moisture content. This will depend on individual preference, but also different brands will offer various options. When it comes to the nicotine pouches, nicotine pouches dryness is usually higher than in nicotine-free products. This is great because it means that there is less drip than in tobacco products. Again though, this is something that different users will prefer. On top of this, both nicotine and nicotine-free pouches will have a variety of different flavours to choose from, one of which is the more traditional snus flavor.

Flavour and taste

As we mentioned, there are different nicotine pouches flavor available. Some of the more common ones are mint flavours which can use a combination of peppermint or spearmint. Depending on the user, this creates an icy blast of cooling freshness, or can be a sweeter taste. Other options include citrus flavours, bergmot and even coffee or chocolate options. Not only are there different flavours though, but these products also have a range of different strengths ranging from a weaker flavour to very strong. Often this is indicated in the name of the pouch or will be listed as a higher number of stars to indicate a stronger flavour.

Additional pouch features to consider

When choosing the perfect snus or pouch product, it’s also important to consider a few other aspects. One of these is how long the taste lasts. Some products can last for over an hour, while others last just 20 to 30 minutes. Which one you choose depends on your preferences. In conjunction with this, you should consider the snus dryness as we mentioned before. It’s also a good idea to consider where you plan on using it. Some pouches are more discrete. If you intend to use in the workplace you can pick mini snus or pouch which are smaller pouches. Finally, you should consider the price.