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Onico Pure White

In this review, we will talk about Onico Pure White pouches, which is a well-known brand that is manufactured by Swedish Match company. The company states that the idea behind it is to offer nicotine-free pouches for smokers who would rather not use nicotine but still want to enjoy the experience of using portion snus. So, after many years of researching the right flavours, it was invented in 2008 and introduced to the smoking community as a 100% nicotine and tobacco-free pouch that has many flavours and aromas to satisfy all tastes and to give a full experience of snus.

Onico Pure Flavours

You are probably wondering about the ingredients of this white pouch. As per the company description, it mainly consists of vegetarian fibres and selected flavours. Onico Pure White has a wide selection of flavours that is suitable for every preference, such as the white slim pouches, which have a flavour of peppermint along with hints of eucalyptus and vanilla. The licorice pouches have the taste of licorice and anise with some hints of black pepper, and the original pouches have bergamot along with green herbs, along with other flavours of pouches that will appeal to almost any snus user.

Final Views on Onico Pure snus

All of these types of pouches have a different mix of flavours with one constant flavour, and that is the mellow tobacco-like taste. The pouches are slim and weigh almost 0.8 grams for each pouch. They are dry from the outside with a moist content, fit perfectly under your lip and have a long-lasting flavour. Because of the peppermint that is in almost every type, you tend to get a cooling feeling under your lips. So, if you like mint and want to try excellent Swedish snus with no nicotine or tobacco, then Onico Pure White is definitely a good choice for you.

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