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Odens Original

Odens Original is a portion snus which delivers a classic full-bodied tobacco flavour. The tasty flavour is accompanied by an all-time enjoyable and robust nicotine kick, offering a great traditional snus experience. This is a super strong product worth your attention. The Oden’s Original Portion is an extract from the GN tobacco, containing a delicious taste for classic tobacco lovers. It has an amazing accompaniment of a peppery touch and a citrus hint. The product contains a floral element which increases its taste. The product comes in moist bags that allow it to snugly sit under your lips in the process of releasing nicotine for great pleasure.

Quality of Odens Original

The product is obtained from high-quality tobacco for a great feeling behind your lips. The manufacturing process of Odens Original Portion is done to ensure that it retains the classic taste typical of Swedish snus. For consumers, you do not have to worry about the many effects that are associated with tobacco consumables, since this one comes with a medium nicotine content

that is not as harmful as regular tobacco products. Even though the price is incredibly low to go easy on your wallet, the quality has not been compromised at all. It’s definitely worth your while to taste this amazing product.

Contents of Odens Original Portion

Perhaps the powerful flavour is all that you need. The product now comes in more portions to meet all demand requirements. Wondering what the product is made of? Well, it contains water, salt, and flavours. It has a clear flavour note showing exactly what you get, including herbs, tobacco, and bergamot. With its classic strength, it gives you all you may be looking for in cigarettes, without the risks. It is packed in cans and comes in 22 pouches. The compact size of Odens Original is ideal for getting that soothing feeling that you’re looking for behind your lips.

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