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Odens Cold Extreme

Odens Cold Extreme portion, is an extremely strong and potent snus, as the name suggests. Although Onico, as a snus, stands out with its softness and comfortable feel around the lips with its balance of citrus and pepper, it’s nothing near the strength of the magic snus. This particular product has a spicy flavour of traditional tobacco, and a lovely spearmint taste, that kicks you right in the senses. Mint snus products are highly popular and sought after. As a strong, flavourful chewing tobacco blend, the nicotine experience in small portion bags, stays with you for a long time.


Odens Cold Extreme White Dry portions, are phenomenally strong, with a bold taste of mint. There is an unforgettable experience of strong nicotine presence while chewing and after. The tobacco moisture is considerably less than other snus, like Onico, so the flavour stays much longer. The slim bag format of the Odens cold extreme white dry portion, fits nicely and discreetly behind the lip, so you enjoy your beloved extreme cold dry portion even as you go about your day to day business. There is nothing fake about the extreme portion. It’s a big hit with those who love the stronger things in life.


There is no doubt that Odens cold extreme portion, has its own niche in the snus market. For those who love strong nicotine and must get a daily dose, Odens Cold Extreme portions can’t be far from your door. This strong taste that you crave is similar to Thunder Frosted, but with less sugars. With its mellow taste of peppermint and the smoky hint of tobacco, it gives you a nice zing in the body, that makes you get up and go! There are all sorts of snus on the market, with something to suit everyone concerned, as they make the connection.

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