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Nordic Spirit Slim Berry Citrus

Imagine a kick of energy that tastes like berries with a hint of exotic citrus fruits. Enter – Nordic Spirit Slim Berry Citrus from Nordic Snus. The exotic-sounding (and tasting!) pouch is one from the range of new innovative products – tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Just like with other nicotine pouches, in Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus, the nicotine has been extracted from tobacco, leaving you with nothing but the pleasure of a nicotine kick and no trace of the harmful chemicals of tobacco. The fresh-tasting product is great to enjoy while on the run, whether you on the tube, at work, or just enjoying your afternoon in the park.

Berry or Citrus?

The two flavours of this pouch, berry and citrus, complement each other perfectly. The citrus flavour comes from bergamot and enhances the sweet-sour undertones of wild berries. The pouches themselves are made of plant fiber (cellulose) and chewing gum base, providing a much healthier alternative to the usual tobacco you can find in snus. However, the texture is very similar, so most users switching over from snus can’t even tell the difference. The Nordic Slim Berry Citrus comes in a slim plastic can where the lid doubles as a place for you to dispose of used pouches while you’re on the go.

Prices of Nordic Slim Berry

The Nordic Slim Berry Citrus comes either as a single pack or in a roll of 10. The price point for a single can is around £5, but you can often get it cheaper if you decide to buy an entire roll at once. You will find 20 pouches in one can and each of them weighs around 0.7g. It’s got 14mg/g, meaning each pouch gives you a full 9mg of nicotine, so it’s generally categorized to be on the stronger side of things. The product is getting terrific reviews online and, to be honest, we enjoyed it thoroughly as well!

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