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Lyft Mint Slim All White

Since the introduction of tobacco-free snus, many products have been developed, and people love taking them. Lyft Mint Slim All White is no different. If you want something that is flavoursome and refreshing, then this incredible product is the perfect fit for your need. The product is free from tobacco, and the top-notch nicotine pouches will give you a sweet and fresh spearmint flavour, which is perfectly complemented by menthol. With the refreshing taste that the product gives, you will definitely come back for more. If you are a fan of tobacco-free products, then you need to try this out.

Why Should You Get Lyft Mint Slim All White Portion?

Lyft Mint Slim All White is a must-have product for people who love nicotine products that are free from tobacco. Instead of using tobacco, the portion of the product contain natural fibres collected from pine and eucalyptus with the addition of nicotine extract from the tobacco tree. The all-white nicotine pouches are very portable and discreet, which makes them more comfortable under your lips. The pouches have a nicotine content of 8mg with a long-lasting flavour that you would love when you taste it. It also contains a top-quality filing that removes the tendency of leaving spots on your teeth.

Lyft Mint Slim All White – Pricing

The Lyft Mint Slim All White portion is pocket-friendly. With as low as roughly £3.55, you can treat yourself to a can of this tobacco-free nicotine all white portion. Or you can get a roll for approximately £33 for a better taste of the full sweetness of this perfectly combined mixture of spearmint and menthol. Besides being free from tobacco, another thing that makes the product more preferable and well-loved is that there is no need to refrigerate to keep it fresh. If you haven’t tried this product yet, you are definitely missing out. Get yourself a Lyft Mint Slim All White and experience a long-lasting sweet minty flavour.

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