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Lyft Ice Cool Strong

White portion snus

The British American Tobacco introduced the Lyft Ice Cool Strong in 2018. This pouch was one of the products among many others produced at the same time by this company. The product has a strength of 14mg/g of nicotine and is packed in weights of 38g/16 grams. This product is a tobacco-free, but the levels of nicotine are just right for the customer. One of the reasons customer like this product much is the fact that it does not stain the teeth due to the white nature of the pouches. In this way they stand out from tobacco products.

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Though there are a number of other Lyft mint flavoured products, this one gives you an icy blast of taste. The product gives you the natural feeling of strong peppermint and sweetness with herbal tones. It is made from natural products of eucalyptus and pine, and this will leave you with a comfortable taste as well as less drip. The product is available in a number of different sizes too, with users able to enjoy the slim version for a more discrete use. The strong flavour that comes with this means it’s perfect for those that want to get a strong kick and enjoy the flavour for longer.

White portion snus

Price of Lyft Ice-Cool Strong

The Lyft ice-cool strong is a quite popular product among nicotine users. This is as a result of the cool product ingredients that include the right nicotine level and the peppermint flavour. The pouches come in a neat can that holds 24 pouches meaning you can keep them around for whenever you need. Additionally, the entire weight of the can is just 7g so it’s not a pain for you to carry it around and have it on hand for whenever you need a nicotine hit. On top of this, the pouches are very affordable, and great for any user no matter their budget.

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