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Lundgrens Norrland Slim White

White portion snus

Lundgrens Norrland Slim White is a snus product that was produced by Fiedler & Lundgren back in 2018. If there is one thing that makes this product special, it will be the fact that it connects to nature itself. It is made from ingredients such as humectant, salt, liquorice, pH adjuster, water, salmiac, as well as a hint of tobacco. This explains why it has a genuine tobacco taste. The product also has hints of mountain flowers and fir tree sprout, which gives it a floral aroma. Fiedler & Lundgren has designed the pouches of this snus product to be slim, and this makes them very comfortable in the mouth.

Strength of Lundgrens Norrland

Fiedler & Lundgren has developed Lundgrens Norrland Slim to fall in the category of regular strength snus. The nicotine content in the snus is 8mg, which is just perfect for all kinds of users as it is not too strong or too weak. There are 24 portions in one can of the snus, and it weighs 16.6g. One awesome thing that has been included in the can is the Flexlid, which is a rubbery lid that expands as you put more portions in the can. This way, you can always have as many Lundgrens Norrland pouches as you may need in a can.

White portion snus

Pricing and Popularity

One awesome thing about Lundgrens Norrland White snus is that the flavour lasts for a longer duration. Once you put the nicotine pouch in your mouth, you can enjoy the tobacco taste and floral aroma for up to one hour. Besides that, it is affordable, as you can buy a can for around £3.50, while a roll goes for an average of £32 at most stores. The production process of the snus conforms to food and health standards. Lundgrens Norrland is produced in a highly hygienic environment and it is one of the most popular snus products used in Europe.

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