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Knox White Snus

Manufactured by Skruf Snus in Sweden, Knox White is a quality moist and smokeless tobacco powder product. It is a product that does not require spitting, giving users an unmatched tobacco flavour. Most users find this clean taste of tobacco comfortable, using it with whisky or coffee. Why so? This snus product is contained in white pouches, thus does not spill off. This gives great comfort to the user, when placed under the lip thus hence complete luxury albeit in a quite a traditional, ordinary product. The thing that separates this snus from the rest is that its taste is not as flowery.

Quality in a Pack

A pack of Knox White, is a can of 24 portions in white pouches. These regular sized pouches are generally dry but its contents are quite moist. This is because the ingredients of each pouch are: Tobacco, pH Adjuster (E 500), Humectant (E 1520), Water, Salt and Flavours. A Knox White Portion contains 11 mg/g of Nicotine, with a weight of 0.8 g. Knox White is quite strong but can be pretty much handled, with the nicotine hitting after some 10 to 15 minutes of use. The flavours and the nicotine, also last for quite a while, just to give the user exactly what a good snus should.

Verdict on Knox White

Traditionally, snus, a steam-pasteurized tobacco product is known for its ability to give a traditional, crisp and clean tobacco taste. Even with the induced flavours, Knox White still maintains this tobacco use experience, giving its users a quench of the desired nicotine dose. With the comfort of use, even when using other products such as whisky, Knox White gives its users an unmatched luxury. The robustness of its tobacco flavour further separates it from other types ensuring that users get value in each pouch. A further advantage is that it does not force the user into spitting, thus allowing one to use it anywhere!

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