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Grov Original

The history of Grov snus can be roughly traced back to Willhelm Hellgren, an ambitious youngster who worked as an office clerk in Stockholm’s Aspelins tobacco factory. While doing a seemingly menial job, he was constantly learning as much as he could about the tobacco industry. At the same time, he was making plans for his own factory. By the year 1840, he decided to start practising his learned craft and by 1850 he was in charge of Sweden’s third-biggest tobacco factory and also owned a string of tobacco stores dotted around metropolitan Stockholm. Five years later, he developed the beginnings of the Grov original brand.

Developing Grov

Since 1983, the Grov Original Loose Snus has been developed and refined to establish it as a reputable and favoured Snus brand with a specific recipe. The Grov Original brand is a well-rounded and robust snus type with a subtle taste for a snus that’s reminiscent of tobacco. There is no evidence of any other flavourings used. The flavour is listed on the packaging as simply: ‘Flavours include – Smoke flavour’, although the flavour description is only ‘Tobacco’. The ingredients are listed as: ‘Water, tobacco, humectant (which keeps the contents moist), salt and PH adjuster’. Grov Original snus is regarded as one of the most popular snus brands in Sweden.

Using Grov Original

When using Grov Original loose snus, you will find that the taste is a lot like the smell or the aroma. It has a robust, rich, dark tobacco taste that is well-rounded. You can feel the slight smoky yet leathery taste come through as a natural flavour. The nicotine level is of average strength and the flavour can seem to last for almost an hour, which is pretty much standard for most of the original snus brands. Grov Original has earned its reputation for being the best available on the market today. If you like a natural tobacco taste in your snus, try this now!

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