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Granit Original White

Granit Original White is a traditional snus with a normal strength snus flavour. Also, it makes smokeless tobacco consumption very enjoyable and worthwhile. Traditional snus containing the clear and perfect taste of tobacco is perfectly made to offer a less runny experience to the user with the most minimal drip. Inside the can, there is a flex lid where the user can place the already used pouches which can expand to fit more. To provide a much longer experience with the snus, it has a pouch that is regular in size for keeping all the moisture and exhibiting lesser drip.

Top notch Snus

The classification as a white portion is because it does not undergo the final addition of moisture process like the other portions. The portion used in the Granit original white is the same portion material used in other portions. Despite being a little drier than the other portions it remains perfectly comfortable in the lips for close to more than one hour which makes it exactly perfect. Inside each can of Granit original white portion, comes with twenty-four one gram portions of snus with each having eight grams of nicotine. The sleek design of the can makes it look modern and urban for those who like it that way.

Unique and Amazing flavour

Granit Original White having originated from Gothenburg, the snus capital, has the perfect real Swedish snus taste. The original traditional flavour of Swedish snus is generally a taste of citrus element, salt, and a clear taste of tobacco, and this is exactly what you get from Granit original white. The taste you get from this, is a mixture of tobacco, exhibiting the herbal taste and the addition of salt which eases the releasing of nicotine. Although Granit original white nicotine pouches content in tobacco may be harmful if used in excess and may cause addiction, the Granit original white is safe for use.

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