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General Onyx White

White portion snus

Since the introduction in 2006, General Onyx has been at the top of the chart in the General Family of Snus. From its luxurious can design to the impeccable portions, the brand truly stands on its own. In the can, the portions are arranged in a star-like form which makes it visually pleasing to look at and the white portions are “ironically” dyed black for some reason. So, you can rest assured that it won’t stain your teeth. The General Onyx White portion is incredibly smooth to use and the available flavours give it a soothing taste once you take it.

General Onyx White Description

The General Onyx White comes in a can that weighs 21.6 grams, and it has up to 24 portions, with each of them weighing 0.9 grams per portion. As it stands, the Onyx product is classified as a strong Snus product. In addition, the General Onyx portion comes with a nicotine content of up to 12mg/g, which is 1.2%. It also breaks down to 10.8mg for each of the portions that are available in one can. The product has a pure tobacco flavour together with a hint of black salt and pepper plus components of roasted lemon as well.

White portion snus

General Onyx White Pricing and Others

At the moment, General Onyx White is a top Snus product that many users have praised. The good thing is that it is very affordable as its price is between roughly £2.37 for a can and £19 for a roll. Compared to most top branded Snus this is one of the best pricing you will find. The flavour of the product lasts a good length of time, typically up to one hour, which is impressive in terms of Snus products. If you are looking for an amazing Snus product, this is a top of the line product you should certainly give a try.

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