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General Classic White

General Classic White portion snus is doubtlessly the king of the Swedish Snus. It is a popular product and can be ranked among the first white portion snuses ever to be made. The product comes in a 24-gram can that contains 24 portions. Each portion has around 14 mg. As far as straight tobacco flavours are concerned, this product offers a similar flavour. This snus is anything but basic. It comes with a nicotine strength of 8mg/g. It is also safe for use because it is made from water, humectant, tobacco, sodium chloride, acidity regulators, and aromas like the smoke aroma. Take a look!

Characteristics of Snus Product General Classic White

Nothing beats the excellent qualities of general classic white portion! From its heritage, to its experience, and its unique taste, it is the best snus. General has an excellent blend of 22 different tobaccos and therefore features a rich and natural nicotine and tobacco experience. The white pouch gives a slow and long release of flavour. The tasty and spicy flavour of General Classic White is made possible by the ingenious pairing of pepper and its classic note of bergamot. Bergamot is a citrus fruit that has a strong fragrance. It is what gives snus a fresh and lasting feel.

Benefits of General Classic White

General Classic White comes with numerous benefits. First and foremost is that it guarantees the user a lengthened flavour. The nicotine release is also prolonged thanks to the dried material on the pouch’s exterior. The product is a more distinct snus option because it has very minimal dripping even when kept over long periods. Being made of 50% water, 0.8% nicotine, and 3.5% salt, General Classic White accentuates the authentic tasty character of tobacco. The material of the portion is very soft and thus feels comfortable beneath the lip. The flavour tends to be milder in the white portion. You can try the product out today!

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