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Ettan Orginal

Ettan Original is a snus portion with a vibrant tobacco flavouring, and a whiff of tar. It is also comprised of malt, dried grass, and a bit of dark chocolate. Ettan portion definitely tastes similar to the original Ettan Loose, which is as beneficial as the portion snus. The portions are soft…almost moist, and needs some fluffing, after being in their classy little cans for some time. The snus has a wonderful, intoxicating tobacco aroma when first opened, instead of the usual citrus and bergamot. The Ettan is of the highest quality and also many prefer the original stuff.

Ettan Loose

Ettan Loose Snus is a favourite for many. It is less concentrated than the original and uncomplicated. This allows for easy hand baking and it’s super easy on the gums. Ettan Loose containers are always stylish and make you curious about the fabulous content before opening up, even when you know full well what you’re getting. On any given day, you can get forty minutes up to an hour out of each portion, and the snus is filled with an untainted chocolate flavour, and a slight scent of smoke and peat. You can have ten cans for £28 and one can for £2.46.

History of Ettan

While Ettan is a snus brand of today and the future, it has a long history from way back when. Ettan is actually one of the oldest snus providers around. The snus has been sold in Sweden since 1822 and comes in many different versions. In 1990, Ettan Original Portion was launched. And in 2006, the white pouches of Ettan Pouch White were introduced to the market. The snus is produced and branded by the company Swedish Match. Swedish Match are also the producers of the Swedish snus brand GothiaTek. If you are looking for high-quality snus, Ettan is definitely a good choice.

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