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Catch White Spearmint Mini

Catch White Spearmint is owned by Swedish Match, a Stockholm based company that makes moist snuff, chewing tobacco and snus. The first snus to be developed by any Swedish company was Catch. Launched in 1984, this Swedish product has evolved many times in terms of taste, packaging, and aroma. When you put Catch Spearmint in your mouth, you can feel its distinct light tobacco flavour with traces of fruits and spices. This brand is packaged in attractive cans that have beautiful and arresting designs. Catch Spearmint comes in small cans weighing 10 g each. Each can carries 20 small portions.

Great packaging

Opening the lid of your Catch White Spearmint Mini can don’t take much effort. You can take off the cover with just one small motion. Women find this packaging convenient and you will find many of them carrying this product in their purses and handbags. When you open the can for the first time, sweet smell of spearmint wafts through the air. This aroma creates a beautiful and refreshing feeling all around you. All the spearmint packets are arranged in a way that you can pick them easily. The star-based packaging is the hallmark of this world-famous Swedish Match brand.

Great aftertaste

Refresh yourself with this fantastic product before going to a party, function or your office. The effect of Catch White Spearmint lasts up to an hour and this time is enough to leave a favourable impression on your friends, guests and co-workers. While there is some tobacco in this product, its effect and presence are minimal and unnoticeable. The other ingredients of this product are water, salt, humectant, pH adjusters such as magnesium carbonate and sodium carbonate, and artificial sweeteners and flavours. If you like mint, we think you should stock up with Catch White Spearmint Mini for every big or small occasion.

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