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The World of Snus Today

There are a lot of exciting innovations in the world of snus recently on which we will be reporting extensively. Our nicotine pouches reviews will talk a lot about “white products”. For those of you who don’t already know, these are tobaccoless flavoured nicotine pouches. These are obviously a big technological leap forward, allowing you to get your nicotine with a great flavour and without the normal side effects of tobacco, such as staining your teeth etc. Since there is no tobacco taste to deal with, this also means that the possibilities for different flavours are truly almost endless!

Snus from Sweden

Why Snus?

Besides the aforementioned lack of tobacco-related side effects mentioned above, snus (even the old-school ones that contain tobacco) are powdered and dissolve completely, eliminating the need to spit anything out when you are done with the product. This, in turn, makes snus a completely discreet product, allowing you to enjoy nicotine quietly without people even having the slightest idea. No smoke, no waste product, no stained teeth, and complete privacy. If you currently smoke, vape, or use chewing tobacco, you should definitely consider snus. They are in very many ways a superior alternative and could improve your lifestyle by a lot.